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Kara was first introduced to tango in 2000. Prior to that she worked professionally in the theatre, with acting and dance forming the primary components of her artistic training. She received her BFA in theatre from Emerson College before founding the Concrete Stage Company in Chicago.

Once immersed in the tango in Buenos Aires, her primary teachers have been: Gustavo Naveira, Andrea Misse, Pablo Villarraza, Dana Frigoli, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa. For six years she danced professionally with Matias Facio, with whom she participated in International festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia.

As a dancer, Kara moves with great presence and vitality. Hers is a subtle and communicative dance that is inspired and guided by the music, as well as the nuances of the embrace. She aims to achieve a personal tango aesthetic that clearly transmits and evokes her inner sensibility.

As a teacher, Kara has developed a hands-on approach that allows her students to immediately entrain to a technique that they can both feel and understand. Her pedagogy is designed to give students the necessary tools for continued training and for developing their own dance style.

Kara has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2001. When she is not touring abroad, she often teaches and performs in different venues around Buenos Aires. In 2009 she formed her partnership with tango dancer, Javier Antar.