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Javier Antar has been traveling the world since 2000 to inspire students and audiences through his teaching and performing of Argentine Tango. When Javier discovered tango it quickly became a nightly obsession. While he studied with several well-known instructors, Gustavo Naveira became Javier's most important influence, a source of inspiration and learning.

Now, after many years of intense training in Buenos Aires, and armed with a very strong knowledge of technique, music and a sense of the dance as a whole, Javier is at the top level as a dancer. His message and philosophy: conquer your own style. His musicality, grace and elegance make Javier a riveting dancer to watch, his technical knowledge makes his dance fluid and precise.

Javier is known for his generosity as a teacher. While his group lessons require focus and work, he also gives students an important degree of freedom so that students can use what they have learned and add their own new material. Based in Buenos Aires, it is easy to find Javier performing and teaching at local milongas or practicas, when he is not touring. These days it's not unusual to find international and well-respected tango instructors taking group or private lessons with him in Canada, Europe or in Argentina.